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Top nine activities in Spain as you cannot do at home

Spanish Travel ... the holiday you have dreamed. However, even if you can love your luxury hotel room is not a place to hide. There are tons of things to see and do in this country moving. So grab your camera, hit the road and try out these great ways to spend your day...

9. For The Love Of Art

Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has won awards around the world. Create as division of a plan to renew the town of Bilbao, has a permanent exhibition and a visit with the works of Spanish and international artists.

8. Less Is Moorish

The Alhambra Palace overlooking the city of Granada is the most famous example of architecture of Moorish. Composed by the Royal Palace with the Patio de los Leones in the central and several others built by multiple leaders, the Alhambra offers lush backyards and a good-looking garrison. The slender columns, fountains, reflecting the light of the pools have been designed to recreate paradise on earth.

7. Snow Job

It 'hard to believe some of the most spectacular cross-country skiing are found in only two hours to the beaches of the Costa del Sol, the famous Sierra Nevada mountains. September above Granada was the best snow and longest season in the country, five months of snow! Read by day and party all night to get a true taste of the ski scene here.

6. If You Build It They Will Come

It must have been the motto of Antoni Gaudi, who is bold and unique architectural skills play an important role in the development of this historic city. Its over-the-top church has attracted many visitors, but private buildings. He designed, the magnificent Parc Güell, and has attracted tourists, as well.

5. Chow Down

A key, to packing for this trip, your appetite. You will not get enough of these tasty Spanish. Tapas, a wide selection of appetizers could be consumed freezing or hot and may contain ingredients such as olives, or cheeses. Try one or try a lot and make a whole meal out of it. In Valencia, try the paella - the dish of rice cooked in fish broth or famous, it is a tradition for centuries. What varies is the type of food that is added to rice as vegetables, clams, mussels, shrimp, peppers and lemon, to name a few.

4. Move To Music

If you want to have a old and cultural shape of folk melody. Then try flamenco, a combination of strong, rhythmic music and hand complex footwork. Ask your hotel concierge where you can find the spectacle of the most authentic flamenco. This type of music has influenced many other Spanish musical styles.

3. Waterworks

The aqueduct of Segovia, Segovia's most famous landmark was built in the late first century AD, without the use of mortar or cement, at a time when the Roman Empire at its peak. This fine example of the civil penalty is recognized around the world.

2. Crazy For Second Cordoba

Visit Cordoba, when one of the most important capitals of Europe, which produced a major philosophers, scientists and artists. See 1200 years Mezquita, bullfighting, or experience in the art of flamenco, the Moorish mosque, and drinking in an old and well-known local tapas and sherry.

1. Run For Your Life

Tired, of Monday night, football, try a sport more dangerous. The bullfight engages banter or perturbing the raging bull and then running in front of them that were dropped on a specific course on city streets. Located in San Fermin in Pamplona, ??the most famous race attracts visitors from around the world. Anyone who dares to participate can have this race.