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From Trabant, Berlin, Germany

This rectangular, growling, two-time auto scattered throughout the Eastern bloc pre-1989th When the wall fell Orientals many fled to the West in their "Trabis", their transport to a new world. Now you can relive some of the most poignant moments of Berlin in one of your own: rafts guided tour revamped Trabant, the capital of Checkpoint Charlie at the least-known ex-Communist hangouts. Comment directed into the lead car in advance, while you manage your own piece of history.

Postbus, Switzerland

A big yellow coach did not sound very glamorous, especially in a country overflowing with elegant steamboats, trains and cable occasional dizzy. However, do not overlook the humble post bus. Powered by Swiss-mail system, these functional vehicles provide the missing link that connects small or hard to reach communities that otherwise would be nearly impossible for travelers to access Carless. Take Meiringen (where Conan Doyle sent Holmes to the Reichenbach Falls in the vicinity): In summer, the long yellow bus drives the narrow neck, Susta 2200 to deliver letters and mountain lovers to the city, a good basis for are in the mountains.

On the canal boat in France

Life slows down on the waterways of France. When all important for the transport of goods between the colonies and now the channels are peaceful paths. Rent a houseboat and went, mooring in the beautiful villages and negotiate a Lock (lock) or three - maybe buy some mustard Lock House enterprising as you pass. Most impressive is the 240 km of the Canal du Midi, which connects the Atlantic, built in 17th century Spain to avoid pirate-infested waters. Gorge on the cassoulet of Castelnaudary, slip through the tunnel of Malpas and exploreCarcassonne medieval splendor, all without exceeding six km / h - slow travel at its best.

Being everywhere

Rails have never been more romantic: a large spider web songs from the mainland to join the images of cities, do not hesitate to dive into the mountain valleys and pushing off from the rural backwaters. Chug away from the avenue of Paris, Germany, Greece, the Acropolis of the Castle a short hop, pop and talk politics with the locals - but not at the expense of superlatives to fix the window. The final distance of the Orient Express, not flashy (and expensive) tourist train - the original, although shortened, the Orient Express is still in that name from Strasbourg to Vienna. Book rest and the historic (if Jiggly) sleep.

For Vespa, Tuscany, Italy

Twisted, the roads empty plinths rolling fields of vineyards and cypress hill laundry, houses and steeples, and you - so smart that you slide on a shiny Vespa. Scooter-tempo allows you to interact with farmers to sniff Buongiorno from wild flowers and mature pecorino, and dive down inner cities paved off limits for cars but available for two-wheeled travelers. Wow chain cities such as Siena, Florence and Lucca with detours countries.

By ferry, Norway

It took millennia for the coast of Norway - a series of glacial fjords extending up stabbed in the Arctic Circle - Destinations. Take the water to enjoy the drama: ferries can reach 1300m high rock walls, waterfalls and remote fishing villages. For the board a whole fleet Hurtigruten: Coastal Express both offer travelers, villagers, packages and pickled herring to small communities along the rugged coastline each day of the year, whether summer or glorious northeastern lights flashed winter. From the tables for hiking or just see the fjords float by.