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Kusadasi has it all for vacationers to see and do in its Roman ancient ruins setting travelers to get away and enjoy. Established as one of the top vacation destinations of Europe with an average of 300 days a year of sunshine makes it automatically a warm and sunny place. Along with the sun are the beautiful beaches and the gorgeous sunsets to melt even the hardest hearts. A vacation in Kusadasi has enough attractions and events to do that would fill a 30-day stay and possibly still not be able to experience it all that is why vacationers return repeatedly to see it all.


The beaches in the area are plentiful and beautiful a quick visit to the city beach will show you instantly what you are in for as for beach beauty. Pigeon Island a private beach within deep waters for diving, and Yilancabunu beach is located off the backside of Pigeon Island that is quite secluded and quiet. Ladies beach is an area not to be missed because of its large size and beautiful sands that are visited by many.  Kustur and Tusan beaches are located near each other that offer a variety of activities to do and see on the beach from surfing to parasailing and other beach activities. As for beaches Kusadasi has many more available to visit and see from quiet to populated in and around the area.


If historical places are, what you wish to see then the Roman Empire is what you can discover from their architecture to the production of oils it is a picture moment all around. There are many opportunities to be had from the caves of Zeus to the Hierapolis you will wonder at the natural made compared to the fabricated structures in the area and how was completed. A visit to St. John and the seven churches will take you back in time and history to be amazed at what once was. The historical places in and around Kusadasi are plentiful and by not visiting you will truly miss these great lands.


Transportation in the area and from one attraction to another is made quite convenient for tourists they offer, car rental, very convenient bus travel, by rail, minibus and scooter rentals. Prices are fixed and minibuses arrived at scheduled times of the day allowing for easy commuting in unfamiliar areas.


Kusadasi Turkey has much to offer in the nightlife atmosphere from bars to musical entertainment all within the area. For a vacation destination, it has to be a high priority on the list of places to see in Europe, for here, you have the ability to see the past blended with the present and have stories to tell for lifetime. The weather is consistently great, the beaches are beautifully plentiful, the history in the area is abundant, and the photo opportunities are too many to speak of; so if looking for one of the top vacation destinations in Europe, Kusadasi must surely be on the list.