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Ah Milan, Italy the place to go for inspiration, the land that so many lived, and have created so much in life to see. The land that holds the treasures that so many do know but are not aware where they are, a discovery to be found in Italy, Milan is the place to go visit and see.


Are you aware that in Milan you can visit some of the beautiful cathedrals that were in existence during massive bombings of World War II that had survived the devastation and stand tall today? Did you know that it is the home of one of the best-known paintings in the world; Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. Among many other things here is the home, the starting place, the beginning runway for Armani, Versace, Parda, Dolce and Gabbana, Pucci, and Gucci the great fashion designers of our time. Art, style, and history can all be found here including inspiration because this land has created so much throughout the world.


In Milan, you will be able to taste some of the greatest Italian foods anywhere the cafés are everywhere and style in their cooking is out of this world. As for places to stay you have the choice from the most elite to cost-conscious but even in the lower quadrant style again is top priority. When vacationing here brings an extra, empty bag because when you leave it will be full of fashion treasures that are throughout the streets to be found. There you'll find products or clothing that may have just made it to your area and are much lower priced because they're considered old in this part of the world. You can find fashion accessories that are available that you may not have available in your area for another year or ever. For the shopping experience in Milan Italy, enough cannot be said is a woman's paradise in shopping.


For an artist or sculptor they may not wish to leave for here is the land of thousands of statues that are well known and photograph. The sculptures are abundant array of talent passed down from generation to generation their handcrafted work and exquisite detail within each piece. Museums, galleries, and exhibits are abundant from the historic to the amateur on the corner creating their work right before your eyes along with you to be a witness just like those that had seen centuries ago.


There are many other sites to see and things to do while in Milan Italy for example the red brick castle or even Italy's stock exchange tour that is based in Milan. Though the overwhelming amount of fashion style be it clothing, accessories, or furniture will surely call for most tourists’ attention. If not that then the beautiful works of art from paintings, portraits, and sculptures will surely inspire the visitor to seek more. Then if the art and style do not get the best of you than the foods of this land surely will take your taste buds on an adventure of a lifetime.