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Most of the European vacation sites have the distinct property that they would be historically beautiful, artistic, containing renaissance or baroque architecture and art, and importantly romantic. France is a common example among such. However, we have here another site that is as much special as France or may even be better. Venice is the very beautiful and romantic city of Italy. It is built all on islands covered up with so many beautiful water bodies and canals.

The environment in Venice is charming to the sight, giving a sensation of old and artistic life. The pathways through alleys, the bridges, and waterways, everything is so special that it creates a sound saying that Venice is the one, like no other.

Tourists and visitors in Venice are often attracted by the famous sites there such as the Rialto Bridge, San Marco square, the Doge’s Palace, the bridge of Sighs, the Church of San Maggiore and many others.

Venice emerged as a town since 5th century AD when the Roman Empire was under harsh conditions facing the invasions, most of the people then, are said to, moved here and settled and gradually this took the form of a town, a very special town.

Gondola, the boat used to travel across the waterways, is a sort of mark and more importantly, a legacy of the early civilization in the Venice. Ridden by one person, this long and narrow based boat is a light weight, of ancient texture and easy to handle boat. It multiplies the enthusiasm and enjoyment of traveling the beautiful waterways throughout the town.

The place that is considered the heart and brain of Venice is St Mark’s square. This is the main political and cultural spot in the whole town. It is one of the main attractions for tourists. It is located at very important point. The location is very beautiful as it is situated over the banks of the Grand Canal. Furthermore, it has so many other quaint sites in the surroundings. Most importantly, this is the place, which no tourist wants to miss when on a trip in Venice.

The Rialto’s Bridge is another hot spot in Venice. It is also an ancient symbol of Venice. It forms a big arch as to let the huge ships or galleys to pass through. It is designed in an elegantly decorative manner. There are side pathways alongside the railings to walk and the mid way is the main path through which are the shops in two rows that commonly sell items such as jewelry.

Venice has a cultural that is full of art, music, and theatre. There you can find various theatres, classical music orchestras and many more.

Venice is the main site in the Italy that if you trip to Italy, you will miss everything about Italy if you do not visit Venice. Venice is the mirror that reflects the overall culture and history of the Italy, it has the legacies of the origin of Italy and it reflects Italy as a whole.