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Baking secrets - Gerard Mulot

Gerard Mulot is an excellent bakery and catering St-Germaine. You cannot miss it - just look for the white blinds and the imposing tower Macaroon in the window - but you smell before you see it. The smell of melted butter smells blocks DWN. Inside, the first thing that hits you in the colors: shiny jewelry boxes tar strawberries and pastry pistachio, lemon and pink signature of Gerard Mulot.

It is not far from the Jardin du Luxembourg, so you can take everything you need for a picnic. A sunny day in St-Germaine with the delights Gerard Mulot - life does not improve.

Bar secret - the boat Belleville

The Cognate

De Belleville (13 rue Jean-Baptist Dumas, 75020) is very sloppy, but perfectly Parisian. Open from 7 to 02:00, Saturday Cognate a real neighborhood bar. For workers, the speed of light grabbing an espresso and mothers with prams in the morning, the artists and musicians of all time in the world earn their cafe au lait, a pastis or brio (Shandy) during the day. Later in the audience receives a fashion much like the chatter of people, a dream, smoke, loud music and drinks - lots of rock and the Stones, The Smiths and the Velvet Underground. Especially to hear (the owner) Charlie laughs, a large shell, which starts as soon as it ends.

Secret Cheese Shop - Fromagerie Trotte

Trotte cheese (97 rue St Antoine, 75004) is a small shop in the Marais. Two people can barely stand by there, but some of its original charm Thatje. The owner, Pascal Trotte, sells a very personal selection of cheeses, stacked on shelves on both sides of the narrow space. He specializes in goat cheese - the smell that comes when you open the door. You will get many locals jump into a small piece of cheese for lunch, as well as people of much later, because they know about cheese. The store can be very small, but there is a cave on the site: Trot is a refiner of experts (an expert in the maturation and ripening).

The restaurant secret - Benoit

I was eating at Benoit for 25 years. This is an old brewery des Halles, open for nearly a century. Portions and quality was and still is, phenomenal. They always slap big hunks of pie on the table with bread. The pudding on the classic Benedict (eggs in the snow - the meringue floating in vanilla cream - and crème brûlée): Traditional, yes, but when they are done properly because they are on Benoit, they are very difficult to fight.

It is a beautiful room - I love the complex mosaic tile floor and brass railings. My last visit was in January this year. I always snails, and this time I followed a stew of some warts, kidneys and sweetbreads: awesome. To get more information use internet facility from where we can can get detailed and informatics information regarding it.