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Hotels in Morocco :

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 El Jadida







 Aït Benhaddou




 Al Hoceima










 Moulay Idriss










 Beni Mellal




 Boumalne Dades

 Kelaat Mgouna












 Lalla Takarkoust








Check choice for Morocco tickets, car rental and much more options to compare book a tour package.

In most countries, because they know that Morocco provides as many opportunities to travel the world away is that we can access in other countries. For example, for accommodation in Morocco is very good. The entire selection is available for hotels in Marrakech that suit your style and preferences. Also, if you are traveling in Casablanca, please try one of the great hotels in Casablanca. As for travel, as well as connecting flights between major cities you can fly to Morocco. In addition, trains and taxis can be caught in car rental and travel bikes. Regardless, more adventurous types, whether deliberate or reservations and more - this is that it is relatively easy to travel in Morocco is that we should raise the issue. The following is a list of some of the basic travel services that are available in Morocco.

The RAM (
Royal Air Maroc) operates domestic flights from Casablanca, the country's major cities. The other two points are usually points, both single Casa-bound flight flight. In general, flights are expensive, but it will save you a lot of time.

Trains in Morocco are very comfortable and relatively inexpensive. Their route network is limited, so cover all travel between major cities are ideal for easily. They are comfortable, reliable, efficient and fast.

Shared Taxi
Taxi sharing is one of the best features of transport in Morocco. Their work in a wide range of routes is also a public bus is much faster. Tariffs are very reasonable. Mercedes cars are taxis that can carry passengers Kina Hiroshi six people normally.

The bus usually is cheaper than the shared taxis, and they run regular routes. The taxi arrived at the destination faster and share more secure and comfortable buses.

Car Rental
Morocco has not been operated in a number of issues. 50km/hour speed limit on city and highway town of 100km/hour. By law, passengers must wear seat belts and all drivers. However, you need to drive safely at night. It is legal because the driver must be alert, extra bike many animals there at night is to drive visitors 20km/hour without light. Even if you have insurance is very expensive, there are many car rental depot. Gas prices are relatively high in Morocco.

Motorcycle Morocco is increasing every year. You need to be careful about safety at night, you can visit all the sites required for lovers. It should take a good tool and puncture repair kit.