Animal Activities in the Canary Islands

The Canary Island’s unique volcanic formation has made it one of the world’s most diverse destinations for plants and animals. In fact, this island chain is home to more than 600 endemic species, the largest national park in Spain, and marine reserves in Lanzarote. It is no wonder then that this archipelago’s diverse wildlife attracts visitors from all over the world, approximately 12-million tourists a year. With this many people to entertain, the Canary Islands provides a wealth of animal-themed activities for all ages and visitors.

For a more elaborate collection of animal activities, the popular Guinate Tropical Park and Penguin Paradise host shows and one of the largest collections of animals in the Canary Islands. Situated on what is now an extinct volcano, the park’s landscape of waterfalls, gardens, and ponds blends in with its surrounding environment and allows the animals to feel at home. Undoubtedly the highlight of the park is its Penguin Paradise enclosure, which allows visitors to watch the animals through the underwater viewing pool. Other sites worth seeing are the parrot show at the indoor theatre and the meerkats.

The island of La Graciosa, only a short boat ride north of Lanzarote, is entirely protected as a marine reserve. In fact, only approximately 500 people live on the island with only one village; whilst some might think that is deserted, it also means you can enjoy time with the local wildlife without fighting crowds or waiting in queues.

Gran Canaria is also a popular destination flooded with a variety of animal friendly activities. Dubbed a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the island is packed with a number of plant and wild life. There are also around 50 different types of birds in Gran Canaria.

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How Spain Had Become An Amazing Tourist Getaway

Spain is a superb tourist destination that draws scores of vacationers year after year. In Spain, the collection of holiday attractions is countless, right from the sandy beaches to the unique culture and history. Other than discovering the famous locations, visitors vacationing in Spain furthermore arrive to enjoy the modern and advanced country.

Events a long time ago played a serious role in the growth and development of Spain that many of us see these days. It had consistently been a unified country and the Romans recognized its uniqueness and big difference from other nearby areas. The Greeks, the earliest people to settle down in Spain, landed on its coast between 3000 and 5000 BC. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Goths and the Romans also landed later.

A number of provinces in Spain weren’t spared from the mastering grabs of the Romans who relentlessly looked to develop their empire. The invasion and occupation by the Romans resulted in the first residents of Spain using the Roman way of life which has somewhat outlasted the ages and is therefore apparent up to now at least in particular areas.

The Goths also acquired their justifiable share of Spain by way of establishing their own empire for around 300 years. They remained in the land right from the 5th towards the 8th century earlier than the Moors came to set their own claim. The Moors beat the Goths, who have been at that point reigned over by King Roderic, and even acquired the territory for their possession. All through the settlement by the Moorish people, the Islamic together with the Persian lifestyle tremendously prospered. In 1469 Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castilia wed and this marked the start of the end of the Muslim lifestyle in Spain along with the growth and development of Catholicism and Christianity generally speaking.

Let us take a look at the things that happened in the course of Franco’s rule in the 1970s. The devastation caused by the civil war happened to be large scale and even took its cost in the financial system yet Spain one way or another had been able to conquer its effects and yet again progress to the contemporary community. Franco perished in 1975 which likewise initiated the development of tourism in Spain.

After Franco passed away, King Juan Carlos took over however experienced a tough time managing the Moroccan king. After a while it turned out to be evident that the best way to rule Spain was not dictatorially but liberally. Still underneath the rule of King Juan Carlos, Spain persists to bring in millions every year. Travel and leisure in Spain began to increase during the early nineteen seventies right up until presently.

The running bulls on the streets of Pamplona are among the perfect attractions of the nation. Inspite of the dangers the particular interest poses, tourists come back to see it annually. In a period of around four decades (since the seventies) Spain has well established itself as one of the hottest holiday destinations on earth rivaled only by the likes of Paris and Egypt.

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