An Accommodation For Everyone In Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

Novi Vinodolski sits on a large hill slightly to Crikvenica’s south. The accommodations in this area include almost anything you can think of including apartments, hotels, houses, and even villas. In Novi Vinodolski, Croatia the options for accommodation are so vast, there is more than likely something for every type of vacationer in this coastal tourist town.

Even though this area is mostly known for wine-making, and for its good agricultural environment, its lucrative tourist industry is most important to the economy. This tiny town is situated along the Adriatic Sea. As it is easily accessible from most anywhere in Europe, it is a common vacation resort for many tourists.

To take advantage of the town’s closeness to Europe, the tourist industry has many hotels which cater to the individual needs of tourists. Many of these hotels have amenities such as designated play areas for children, and wellness establishments for adults. Boating and various water sports are very common activities in this area, so many hotels will have easy access to boating areas.

Many tourists recognize the tiny town by its vast sea of red rooftops that spread out across the older part of the city. However, the town is also known for its amazingly clean air and seawater. These qualities make it a very popular location for family vacations.

The town is simply known to the locals as “Novi”. The town of Novi has deep cultural roots and because of this, it offers a unique setting for vacationers among old, original villas with stone-paved streets. Because of the huge economic importance of the tourist industry, there are many restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine located throughout the town. The restaurant industry also ranges from the smaller local establishments, which are more budget friendly, to the larger, high end establishments catering to customers looking for a fine dining experience.

The well-known areas of this popular vacation destination are dominated by vast, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. However, there are lesser-known dense areas of pine trees and small pebble beaches. This variety certainly offers some interesting location choices for vacationers. For those who might prefer a vacation at sea, there are cruises available that tour all the islands of Croatia. This choice would give tourists a completely different perspective on what the area has to offer.

The tourism industry is predominately focused on hotels, which offer many amenities and often luxury accommodations. However, for vacationers who aren’t interested in hotels, there are also campsites and bungalows available for those that want to be a little closer to nature. The area is considered a beautiful location for the adventurist who wants to discover all of the natural beauty that Croatia has to offer.

The town of Novi offers many opportunities to relax as well as opportunities for sporting adventures and more. All with the accommodations to fit the needs of just about anyone. Novi Vinodolski, Croatia’s accommodation ranges from hotels to houses, villas, campsites, and bungalows. This seaside area and its perfect beaches and unique terrain will surely accommodate the individual traveler as well as the family vacationers.

The author is writing about accommodation in Novi Vinodolski. Novi Vinonodolski is situated in the beautiful Kvarner Area. Hotels in Novi Vinodolski are an ideal place to relax during summer vacation.