Following Great Explorers On A Round The World Cruise Will Be Enjoyable And Exciting

Following great explorers on a Round the World Cruise can be lots of fun. There is one special cruise that you really should find out more about. This one starts out from Singapore and offers you a chance to have lots of fun and take part in adventurous activities. There is perhaps no better way to have an adventurous experience than following the routes that the most famous pioneers sailed the waters.

Voyage of the Great Explorers shines out as an example of how you can enjoy the adventurous journeys of famous people. Following great explorers on a Round the World Cruise is something that you will really enjoy. The cruise takes you on a journey which you and another one hundred and nineteen people including fellow cruisers, travelers and passengers are going to enjoy. The cruise lasts for 335 very exciting days and allows you to experience the thrill that the famed explorers of the past experienced.

You get to sail out from Singapore harbor and then cruise the seas and oceans in a westward direction touching various ports along the ways. It takes just less than one year for you to complete the cruise which ends in the month of February. Along the way, you can take part in 24 voyages and each voyage is broken down into separate chapters.

These are the same basically and involve doing the same things that were done in the past. Setting out on the journey, the routes taken will touch different ports in the world. One chapter, will for example, take the same sea route which Marco Polo took. Another one will give you an opportunity to do the things that were done by Odysseus and by Phoenician merchants. Still other chapters involve taking the route taken by famous people like Leif Eriksson and the most famous Christopher Columbus.

There are other chapters that involve tracking the route taken by James Cook and the one that Ferdinand Magellan took. Such historic journeys will give you a chance to experience exactly what the pioneers of the past experienced while undertaking their journeys to different parts of the world.

This particular trip will allow you to touch as many as two hundred plus ports of call which in turn involve touching port in over fifty different countries. At the same time, you will get to visit more than fifty different World Heritage sites and you will sail fourteen different seas and oceans. Best of all, you will get to sail through the Suez Canal, Panama Canal and the Corinth.

Following great explorers on a Round the World Cruise has its advantages. The cost of a single cruise is about four thousand USD. The cost of all the different cruises works out to over 20,000 USD.

Cunard line vessels have long been the favorite option for round the world trips. You can learn more about cruise destinations and schedules by visiting our website today.