5 Amazing Cities For Night Views

I was browsing in a camera shop tonight and got thinking about taking photos at night. I suddenly realised that of all the outdoor photos I have uploaded or taken, about 95% of them are daytime! So here’s 5 of my favourite cities by night, for views.

Night photos work best in cities with decent lighting – stating the obvious but this means the likes of Sydney and Tokyo look better at night than say Uyuni in Bolivia. I’ll kick off my list with Asia’s skyscraping metropolis – Hong Kong!

1. HONG KONG: Victoria Harbour:

For views, you cannot really beat Hong Kong. And I know I’m only basing this on places I’ve actually seen at night, but I love it. A pretty, clean, shiny harbour reflecting boats, skyscrapers and with mountains in behind, it is hard not to love the busy night time appeal of the Kong. For the best night views, it’s either:

(a) Get a tram up to The Peak!

(b) find a mate whose flat has a decent view (I’ve lived in 3 places in Hong Kong all of which had amazing night views!)

(c) go for dinner in a restaurant on a high floor such as Aqua or Sky 100 . Please note that you have to pay in Sky 100 to get to the top, though Aqua allows you to just pop in for a quick cocktail and enjoy the view.

2. Tokyo, JAPAN:

Strangely Tokyo isn’t one of my favourite cities yet at night it somehow gets my vote. By day I found it expensive, too big and just inspiring. At night, outdoor food stalls, relaxed locals and endless lights give it a whole new appeal to the average passer by. I have yet to experience the same contrast in any other city I have ever been, so honestly – check Tokyo out at night and compare it to the daytime. It’s an amazing transformation. I visited Ginza, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shinagawa, Shinkiba and Shibuya at night so I base my experience on those places. The lights of Tokyo at night just need to be seen.

3. Sydney in AUSTRALIA:

Sydney has to be in my list – I lived out there for a couple of years and to have the view of Sydney Harbour every night is a traveller’s dream. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour. A bustling nightlife – you really can chill out a lot in Sydney at night while also enjoying one of the world’s top cities. I made it to a New Year’s Eve fireworks display before and loved it. Get yourself down to the waterfront and relax with a beer! You will just love it!

4. St. Malo, FRANCE:

I’m sure this will be a surprise inclusion to most but I just love St. Malo in Brittany. By night, this quiet port houses nothing more than relaxing tranquility within it’s well maintained city walls. Boats come in and out at all hours of the days, the walls light up at times, festival seasons are fantastic and St. Malo hides a charm only those who have been there will ever know about. Get yourself into a restaurant in the downtown, order a few crepes and beers or wines and watch the sunset over the harbour in a world bereft of skyscrapers. Proof that not all cities at night for views have to have skyscrapers or be well lit up. I used to work on boats in and out of St. Malo and my memories of the shining harbour at night will live forever.

I spent a fair few nights in the city itself, but most of my views of the gorgeous St. Malo were from the bow of the ship as we sailed in or out of this splendid French Port! If you live in the south of England, hop on a Condor Ferry and spend a night at least in St. Malo!

5. Budapest in HUNGARY:

Budapest is stunning. Get yourself up to a place called Gellert at night for a different type of night view – no lit up commercial advertising boards here. This is Eastern Europe remember and the most prominent feature is the marvellous Parliament which shines onto the river Danube which separates Buda from Pest. Squashed in between is the island of Margit Sziget. All worth seeing from Gellert – and cracking at night. Bring a decent camera and some warm clothes. And try Hungarian sweet wine and a drop of goulasch. It’s a top city.

So there you go – that’s my top 5 cities for night views. I tried to mix it up a bit and of course left a few gems out. New York, London, Sao Paulo, Caracas and Macao will have to wait for another time. Get out there and see these amazing top 5 at night!

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A List of Activities To Partake In Whilst Visiting Cambridge

Cambridge is a place that offers a wide spectrum of different attractions to tourists. The place itself is a home to one of the top and best universities in the world with mesmerising views and surroundings. Cambridge not only attracts people for its educational prowess but is also famous for its museums, art galleries, theatres, events, historical buildings and many other things. A number of places which need special consideration have been brought up here.

If you were to ask anyone about their top five list of things to do in Cambridge, they would start with punting. Punting on the river Cam became a popular activity many years back and remains popular until now. There are a number of leisure companies in Cambridge offering this service. One reason why people go punting in Cambridge is so that they can have a tour around the 7 riparian Cambridge University colleges. The Cambridge Colleges have a fascinating history and are among the most highly esteemed educational institutions in the world. Cambridge River Tours is the only punt company in Cambridge worth a visit if you ask this author, so there is every chance that everyone has heard of them, making it easier to find by asking around or looking for their details on the web.

Cambridge University is constituted of many colleges, about 30 of them in total, that one can stumble upon all throughout the city. The most popular and known of them are notoriously St John’s College, King’s College and Trinity College. Cambridge University is the second oldest university in the UK after Oxford in England, with its reputation spreading out to global proportions.

The Cambridge University’s Botanical garden covers 50 acres of land and is most renowned for the collection of 200 species of plant from all over the world. The garden was established in 1946 and is still maintaining its glory thanks to the expert care and attention it receives. The garden contains different zones that include the alpine plants, tropical rainforest plants and many different climatic plant species. Some educational programs are also held in this garden.

Shepreth Wild Life Park is the best place to take your kids and family to if you enjoy that kind of activity. This wild life park is a home of tigers, monkeys, chimpanzees, reptiles and various other species that we don’t get to see in any other zoo. Your children can also learn a lot. In fact pony rides, elephant rides and horse riding can also be done here.

Other places of interest that deserve your attention are Kettle’s Yard with its wonderful exhibitions of modern art, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the Fitzwilliam Museum with an impressive art collection and the University Museum of Zoology. Entry is free to all of the museums in Cambridge, so they are great if you’re on a tight budget and also if you are looking for something to when it’s raining.

With all the above activities and many more that I have not even mentioned all, you can clearly see that you can never get bored if you visit Cambridge as it is a fascinating and beautiful city with plenty to offer all visitors.

You can learn more about things to do in Cambridge by reading this blog. Visit this website for more information.