Benefits of Staying in Holiday accommodation Apartments

When you are on holiday, there are a number of options as where to stay throughout that period. One of the options is holiday accommodation apartments. Staying in an apartment has numerous benefits and that is why it is the preferred choice for many individuals. A few of them feature:

Accommodation apartments are equipped with all the things that are present in homes. Each unit has electronics, cooking utensils and furniture. There is also a refrigerator to store food and drinks which makes the units a convenient place to stay. Thus it is like living in a home away from your own home. With a well equipped apartment you can choose to prepare your meals and do your laundry or you could pay for these services and let someone do them for you. This is very ideal since some people prefer home cooked meals rather than going out to eat. Also it might be difficult to find a restaurant that serves your favorite local dishes.

Accommodation apartments have ample space and are available in a wide range of sizes. There are large apartments suitable for families on vacation and smaller ones to accommodate one person. Staying in an apartment with children is safer and they will have enough room to move about and play. Some have parking spaces and a garage where the guests can store the items that are not in use.

Pets are allowed in accommodation apartments and thus you do not have to leave them at home when you travel. Most apartment owners allow guests to keep pets in the premises as long as they are not left to wander in the other units. This is very beneficial because hiring a trustworthy pet sitter to watch them while you are away can be an expensive and hard task. For other people having their pets with them makes them happier.

Accommodation apartments have amenities such as gym, salon and barber services within the compound. Such amenities make the stay more comfortable and convenient. You do not have to move from the accommodation facility to have your hair done or to exercise.

Apartments are less expensive since you pay for only what you need. If you do not require laundry services, you do not have to pay for it. Only what you used will be included in your bill. By cooking your own food and/ or doing your laundry you reduce your utility bills. You can share the apartment with another person so as to cut down on costs.

In accommodation apartments you can carry on with your day without other people knowing what you are doing. While you are a resident there, you are allowed to bring in your visitors any time you like. You can also organize parties for your children’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or just a family and friends celebration.

Accommodation is one of the prime factors to consider when going for a trip. Accommodation apartments give one privacy, comfort, luxury and security. These are among the factors that can make your trip more memorable and a happy one.

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Hong Kong Apartments Where you can Book All of these

Over the past few years, Hong Kong has seen an ever more increase in the number of expatriates settling in this unique and inspiring city, mostly due to the increasing search for more outside talent from both local and international companies. Upon arrival, one of the most important tasks to tackle for these individuals’ involves renting an apartment. The procedures involved and tenancy laws related can be very different to other cities or countries. This article seeks to illustrate some basic real estate procedures and more importantly tenancy laws involved which I feel are important to know.

When viewing an apartment for rent in Hong Kong, a common mistake is to not realize that the apartment has no curtains and discovering too late as the apartments are rented on an “as is” basis. In Hong Kong new apartments don’t include curtains and fittings in the sale, and for renovated apartments the curtains are left to last as they can be quite costly and also just gather dust in a vacant apartment. So if the apartment has no curtains and fittings make sure to get the agent to include the installation in the agreement, or, depending on the landlord, you may end up paying for them out of your own pocket.

The medium term prospects for the real estate market in Hong Kong are good with analysis showing that the number of renovation and new development projects started in recent years is below what is required for the current level of demand. This undersupply will last for at least the next four years according to expert industry analysis. This has resulted in predictions for property price growth of up to 12% annually for at least the next four years, making the real estate market in Hong Kong today a highly attractive prospect.

The Mid Levels in Hong Kong are the popular residential areas upon the slopes of Victoria Peak (or Tai Ping Shan) and “The Peak” on the north of Hong Kong Island. The Mid Levels has a long history of expatriates living on these hill sides from early British colonists escaping from the tropical heat on the lowlands to the modern-day expatriate families and professionals attracted here by the exclusiveness, convenience to Central and the established compatriot communities. The expansive area consists of 3 connecting areas Mid Levels West, Central and East. Although all of the areas can be referred to as the Mid Levels each area has its own characteristics in terms of the sparseness, population density, greenery, transportation system, types of accommodation and views. But one thing remains the same with the three areas and even throughout history, is that the higher up the residence the more exclusive, which generally means the higher up, the larger and more expensive the property.

One of the reasons why the visitors prefer the Hong Kong apartments for rent is that these apartments are much cheaper than the hotels and other means of accommodations. There are several other benefits of these apartments as well. For example, there are apartments that come with the round the clock security systems and so on.

Hong kong is actually ranked as the most expensive destination for a live in the entire world according to details at

Sydney Accommodation Potts Point Is Where Sydney History & Real Life Meet

For people looking for Sydney accommodation Potts Point is a trendy, buzz area in which to stay. Potts Point is always alive with action and lots of energy. And if does ever get too quiet, it is only a short distance from other venues in the CBD, Oxford St, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Rushcutters Bay, and Paddington. The iconic Opera House is also within walking distance.

The area sits on a thin peninsular forming the eastern side Woolloomooloo Bay and dividing it from Elizabeth Bay. Because it sits elevated on the high point of the peninsular, the area used to be called Woolloomooloo Hill. The entire precinct has a strong maritime heritage and the navy that still maintains a strong presence.

There is a big variety of quality accommodation ranging from basic back-packers quarters to boarding houses, serviced apartments, and intimate boutique hotels as well as five star luxury hotels. Short and longer stay bookings are both possible. There are accommodation options for all budgets.

Eateries are endless with a tempting assortment of cuisines. Most are in Macleay Street or Victoria Street, but many also hidden in the side streets and alleyways. Entertainment is on 24×7, including music venues, jazz clubs, discos and massage parlours along colourful Darlinghurst Road.

The suburb is well served by trains, buses and taxis, however walking is the best way to absorb the verve, vibrancy and variety. Stroll along leafy Victoria Street, one of the areas most attractive avenues. The north end of this street offers stunning views of the city. Movie units often film in the street because of its strong character and wonderful views. Embarkation Park, a totally man-made reserve, lies immediately adjacent to Victoria Street, sitting atop a public car park that fronts on to the Great Cowper Road below. The park remembers the days when soldiers, leaving to fight overseas in the first and second world wars, marched their way through the streets to boards ships docked in Woolloomooloo Bay.

A stroll under the thick tree canopy along Victoria Street is a must-do. The north end of the street offers stunning views of the city. Movie crews are often seen filming on this spot with the city as backdrop. Embarkation Park lies adjacent to the street crowning a car park below; it name pays homage to Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf which was the main loading point for troops boarding ships for overseas destinations.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) still maintains its sizable Fleet Base at the tip of the Potts Point. Over the years, the base has been physically connected to small islet, Garden Island that once lay a hundred meters or so from the mainland. The base is now known as the Garden Island Dockyard. It includes a large dry dock and other maintenance facilities, active wharves, administration buildings and a RAN Heritage Centre that is open to the public. The Heritage Centre is open daily from 0930 to 1530. It is only accessible by boarding the Circular Quay-to-Watsons Bay ferry and getting off when it stops at Garden Island. Private vessels are prohibited to enter naval waters in both Woolloomooloo and Elizabeth Bays immediately surrounding the naval yard.

To walk to the city, head to the north end of Victoria Street and skip down the McElhone Steps to the Great Cowper Road. Walk past the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf then up the stairs on the western side of the bay, past the New South Wales Art Gallery and through Domain Park to either the Parliament House or State Library in historic Macquarie Street. A walk to the CBD takes a leisurely 20 minutes. A sizable stream of well-dressed professionals can be seen each morning strolling purposefully up to town for their day of toil.

The well-worn McElhone Steps date back to the 1800s and were named after John McElhone (1833-1898), a rowdy, roughneck merchant and politician that was nevertheless honest and respected. In keeping with his hot-headed nature, McElhone often called on his chauffeur, Bill Inglis, a former professional boxer, to become handy during the rough and tumble of electioneering. Around 1881, McElhone built his four-level family home in Rockwell Crescent at Potts Point. His incessant questions in parliament exposed many shams and public spending rorts. He became a hero of the people. John McElhone is not to be confused with Arthur McElhone for whom the small park opposite Elizabeth Bay House was named.

The infamous set of steps has suffered many a drunken sailor and much fumbled lovemaking and other excited behaviour. John Olsen, a leading Australian contemporary artist, has celebrated the steps in an abstract lithograph. He resided in Victoria Street during the 1960s after having lived in Spain for three years. He was commissioned by the Art Gallery Society of Victoria at one time to prepare a work and decided the steps as a subject.

John Verge also designed Tusculum, another heritage listed building located a short walk from Elizabeth Bay House in Tusculum Street, Potts Point. Tusculum now serves as the headquarters for the Royal Australian institute of Architects.

World famous movie director Baz Lurhmann owns the Italianate mansion named Iona in Darlinghurst. This grand, two storey home is surrounded by a high walls. Sturdy iron gates lead to a circular drive and quiet gardens. It was built around the 1880s. The property was formerly co-owned by a fund manager during the 1990s, but he suffered hard times and was forced to sell the property. At one stage, Iona served as a private hospital.

One of the early landowners in the area was Sir John Wylde (1781-1856). He came to Australia in 1816 from England to serve as deputy judge-advocate. He received at least two land grants from the government. One of them was for 50 acres at Potts Point. He erected a mansion for himself and Wylde Street was named in his honour. He divested much of the land to Joseph Potts, who worked as accountant for the what was then known as the Bank of NSW, now Westpac. The suburb is thought to be named after him. Sydney Accommodation in Potts Point has come a long way since then.

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