Helicopter Ride in New Zealand – For Transfers and Special Interest

When you were a kid, you used to imagine being in mid-air and feeling the strong wind blowing on your face. Perhaps a soldier or a 911 rescuer, heaving up survivors or just a wealthy man travelling from place to place in your private helicopter.

Now in your adult years, you didn’t turn out to be in the army, you didn’t get into the rescue team, neither are you rich enough to have a mansion and own a helicopter; but still you are crazy about helicopters. Would not you be interested in taking helicopter scenic flight in New Zealand.

The helicopter is probably one of the best inventions made for aerial transport to this date. They may not be as fast as other aircraft, but they can hover at any point you want to; this is the quality that makes it versatile. Helicopters were made for various purposes and helicopter tours in New Zealand can be for scenic flights, transfers special interest or for commercial and aerial helicopter services.

Do you need assistance for airport transfer to your destination or a return trip going to airport? Helicopter tours to Kapiti provides reliable and experienced airport transport services, as long as you tell them what time you need them

The special interest flights include hunting trip drop off, wedding arrivals for the newlywed, pick up service, scenic flights or transfers for special occasions and more. The flight transfers could be from anywhere to any location and can include transfer from Wellington airport to Greenmantle Lodger or to the Marlborough Sounds.

Hospitals can also make use of helicopters for evacuation or transport patients from remote areas. Sometimes, helicopters are the only way to rescue people or deliver food to areas affected by calamity such as flood and earthquake.

Generally, helicopter rides are offered as part of the tour packages to give you a bird’s eye view of the city or coast you are visiting. Or sometimes, you just want to ride on a helicopter because you just never did previously. The helicopter scenic flights in Wellington are the most popular fun services that you can avail and gives you a view of the picturesque scene below.

For $95 for two passengers on a ride, you can already avail the City Flight departing from Lindale and flying out to the mouth of Waikanae River. You can choose the Kapiti Experience package for 2 persons too and glide your way in the air – this is something you should not miss. At the same time, you can have the combination of two flight packages for $420 per person, you can visit the Kapiti Island and Mt. Hector.

The duration of flights vary according to your chosen destination, such as the city flight that last only for 8 minutes, the Kapiti Island experience for about 20 minutes and the flight to Kapiti Island and Mt. Hector could last up to 40 minutes.

Moreover, helicopters in Kapiti cater various commercial services like lifting, frost prevention and for aerial photography or filming. Helicopters have excellent weight lifting capacities of 250 to 500 kg on hook and if your vineyard requires protection, just pay what is flown and the frost prevention service will be done all the way from Blenheim to Hawkes Bay. Well if you just want to capture a photographic masterpiece of the city, shore or of your property, it is the aerial film service that you need to hire. Just fill out the form online to make an enquiry on helicopter services – scenic flights.

You can visit this link and you can choose from helicopter rides in New Zealand.