Peru And Galapagos Tours: Intelligent Travelers Guide

Galapagos Islands rich history as well as its one of a kind landscape continually entices avid vacationers year after year. Various outdoor adventure lovers could not help but be captivated by its mystical charm and elusiveness. Families, friends, lovers and various people who have a yearning for new escapades frequent the place for a rejuvenated sense of adventure. With amazing yacht charters like Vaya Adventures, all-inclusive resort hotel deals and island cruises to choose from, finding one to guarantee satisfaction is quite overwhelming.

Though Galapagos boast of an ambiance that makes it a worthy vacation destination all year round, it is important that adequate planning be done. Its nineteen islands being nearest to the equatorial meridian make its weather suitable all year round. But if you want more conducive atmosphere, the months of January to May is the best time as weather is much cooler. Wildlife and vegetation also abounds.

There are obviously more ways than one to enjoy the endeavor. One may go for all-inclusive accommodations in one of the islands’ resort hotels. Various Caribbean luxury cruises often have docking points for the place and reserving a cabin could be one great experience, too. But for a more amazing tailor-cut experience, chartering a yacht with family or friends is a more apt choice.

Feel free to choose the type of vessel that can satisfy your needs and specifications. From catamarans to traditional schooners and luxury ones, you have free rein on whatever catches your fancy. Widely misconceived as an expensive vacation arrangement where only the wealthy and celebrities can afford. In reality, however, various yacht chartering experiences are truly affordable.

What sets it apart from the rest of accommodation type is its ability to provide a unique and bespoke experience. With an experienced staff and crew, you can virtually go anywhere from Peru to Galapagos and other nearby Caribbean destination anchoring somewhere and visit Machu Picchu. Here, all you need to do is say where you want to go and the captain will make it happen for you, as long as it is part of their licensed plight.

When preparing, a yacht charter broker can easily solve your problems on finding one. Though some tried old-school asking-around-for-advice routine and online bookings but still the easiest way around is to employ the services of proficient brokers. With your specifications, they can easily find a yacht charter that works best with your plans and budget.

When you have plans to dock in one of the islands, it is best to request for a yacht that comes with a local guide. Make sure that he is proficient with Spanish as well as in the many islands surrounding the area. Apart from enjoyment, you can also be assured of your safety wherever you may feel like docking.

The Islands of Galapagos as well as nearby Peruvian peninsula prove time and time again how majestic and invigorating exploring new destinations. With this, chartering experiences like Vaya Adventures can, indeed, bring affordable luxury to a whole new light. When it comes to saturating the blissfulness of the island and the active mindset of the soul, this is the best way to be.

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Budget Trip Throughout Italy

Visiting Italy is an unforgettable encounter that doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pockets. If we do meticulous planning, you’ll have a great time in one of many earth’s most brilliant international locations with a small-scale funds. You’d be blown away how much fun you will get on an cost-effective Italy holiday.

There are several items you can’t skip in Italy: artwork, wine, food, background and shopping. Fortunately, these items may be enjoyed for affordable or at no cost. You are able to decide what’s important to you, and opt for a splurge appropriately.

When you Plan Your Affordable Vacation to Italy

May through August, you’ll find warm weather and plenty of tourists in Italy. If you plan a visit in August, you’ll seldom even meet any Italians, as most Italians embark on getaways that month. One fashion to save money on a vacation to Italy is to go when it’s slightly cooler – you’ll find deals further north beginning in October. Should you aren’t anything of a beach bunny, it becomes an evident method for saving some pasta money. Planning the perfect Your Affordable A vacation to Italy.

Book your hotel and flight collectively. Even if you’re looking last-minute, booking your flight and hotel together on one website can save you money. When you’re coming by train or are looking over this since you also already found a fantastic airfare deal, call hotels directly to haggle your price. Contrary to popular belief, this is the way the advantages undertake it in Italy plus the guaranteed way to get the best selection. Be firm, and take into account that you’ve all the rewards inside the haggling situation; there are plenty of hotels in Italy. Affordable Art in Italy.

Be certain and check out any free cultural establishments inside location you might be visiting. Even when there’s nearly nothing, you will not ever crave for artwork in Italy. From artists about the street to impressive public statues, it’s hard not to ever encounter great free art in Italy. Ask for your hotel if there’s a gallery where local artists sell their work, and bask from the foreign point of view that you’re shopping. Don’t feel sick when you can’t afford to buy – and don’t pretend you want to, that’s no fun – the artists are pleased to obtain tourists in their museums and galleries. Free sightseeing similar to this is a wonderful portion of your affordable Italy vacation.

Affordable Wine in Italy

This can be very easy. At an eating establishment, require the property wine. It’s probably much better than you think, and definitely will place a decanter for sharing at an incredibly good deal. Ah, Italy – that is each of your finest wines.

Affordable Food in Italy

Italy is home to some of the best eats on earth. Be aware that get ready to experience a number of the finest restaurant food on the restaurant’s bar for cheaper compared to a table. Moreover, if you are expensive hotels or hostel using a kitchenette, you can create yourself probably the most divine fresh pastas with incredible truffle oil for a lot cheaper. When you’re trying to lower your expenses in Italy, consider replacing or heavily supplementing a lunch here and there with delightful refreshing gelato. You’ll get a meal of pasta is cheap here as it’s thought to be a starting dish, and the American tummy, it may be as filling as being a full meal. Really the only no-no on your affordable Italy vacation is always to visit an in-demand restaurant over a chaotic night or lunch and never order a several-course meal. If you would like check out a hotspot, anticipate to spend more.

Affordable Historical Sights in Italy

Conduct some exploration about your particular location, but there are numerous historic sites and national monuments you can travel to without having to pay anything at all. The Ponte Vecchioin Florence, e.g., is rich with background even today a highly-trafficked bridge – certainly free to visit. A saunter down just about any street offers incredible advice about Italy’s architectural prowess and offers plenty of photographic possibilities for free. Enquire in your hotel about renowned structures in your town and step out there for more information on. Who knows what incredible historical jewels you may find! The neighborhood Tourist Information Office can assist too, which enable it to sometimes offer cheaper prices on tickets to many of the extremely well-known sights and museums in the event you’re a senior citizen or journeying student, or want to buy tickets for multiple attractions immediately.

Cheap Shopping in Italy

Italy is home to a number of the very best creative designers on earth. Don’t be demoralized through the price tags; take into account that even the less-expensive designers have to compete in Italy’s saturated market, so a lesser-known designer from Italy can outrank a famous designer out of your own city. You don’t need to patronise Gucci and Prada, we’ve those at your home. Check out the street vendors and neighborhood leather markets first-of-a-kind pieces and also reasonably priced deals. Even if something looks mass-produced on the street, it could be a shorter-run item you’ll never view again when you live. Remember that what on earth is common in Italy is rare in your house.

Vacation in Italy inexepensively

That about says everthing – the aforementioned budget tips should assist you either spend less with your trip, make your Italy vacation more affordable, or conserve your euros a great pleasant massage a treadmill grand dinner. Have a very fantastic in time Italy. In the event you’re already likely to arrive, we’re getting envious!

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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Campervan For Your Next Vacation

1. It’s Flexible

Rather than booking fixed holiday accomodations, several UK travellers choose to hire a camper van, or motorhome. Nothing at all enables more improvisation. You may head to the areas you prefer, if you like, and remain for as long as you desire! You will find numerous styles of motorhomes for hire, in keeping with the needs of your group. Regardless of whether you’d enjoy a luxurious vacation in a home from home, or perhaps an adventure excursion moving you off of the beaten track, there will be bound to be a motorhome available with the features to fit your holiday style.

2. Value for money

The expense that you are able to hire a motorhome is very similar with B&B lodging charges within the UK, but along with the plus that you can utilise your motorhome to prepare and stow 3 daily meals, whenever you wish. This is a huge advantage to your budget. Lots of companies also provide large reductions in price for the low time of the year, or if you hire the van for an expanded time frame.

3. Campervans Aren’t Tricky to Drive!

If you think the present day camper vans on the market for hire are a challenge to drive, you are mistaken! To the contrary, any adept driver find them a breeze to drive. Motorhomes are available in a assortment of shapes and sizes, with those lower than 3.5 tonnes not necessitating any special license other than a ordinary permit. In case you have any worries in anyway, the Caravan Club runs a minimal volume of programs on caravanning, letting you feel completely organized previous to leaving on your holiday.

4. It’s Practical

Think about a getaway for which you can budget for and organize each one of your own daily meals, in a private kitchen, exactly as you desire them. You could be as close as possible to the places you want to explore, and don’t have to register on anyone else’s schedule. You will not need to undergo the head ache of erecting a tent, or sharing a coach with strangers. It is possible to stash your personal property locked inside your campervan during the day, and not have to haul them around with you. Motorhome hire gives you everyone of these added benefits.

5. Security and Safety.

All motorhomes for hire are supplied with state-of-the-art security features. They possess a fire blanket and extinguisher inside of the rear of the campervan, making it wise to familiarise yourself with the means of utilizing these, before you venture out. Besides that, seats with safety belts are available for every person in your voyaging party. It is clearly encouraged that you use these seats at the time the motorhome is moving, as opposed to travelling in the back of the camper.

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Mexico Adventures – a great way to find yourself Mexico Hot Spots

Fun and Excitement for Kids and Adults

Vacations are getting harder to come by and less frequently enjoyed for many of us with each passing year. If you can manage to carve out the time off work for both you and your partner, not to mention negotiate a break in your kids’ busy schedules, you’ve got to make the most of the time you have, as it might be a while before you all can get away together again. The pressure is on to make this vacation as exciting and amazing as possible, without burning through your wallet :o r burning yourselves out in the process! That’s why Mexico remains one of the world’s most reliable and attractive choices for a family vacation. You can experience true luxury and some of the most incredible sights on the planet, and do it all for a price that will leave you room to contemplate your return as soon as humanly possible.

The list of amenities and opportunities available on a Mexican vacation is nearly limitless. From desert vistas to lush jungles, ancient ruins to five-star resorts, you’ll be able to experience whatever tickles your fancy, under the umbrella of a warm and comfortable tropical climate. Your kids will marvel at the amazing historical sights of towering ancient pyramids, and you and your special someone will take delight in being pampered at some of the world’s preeminent luxury resorts. The most pressing problem you’ll face will be how to choose from all your options, and fit in everything you want to accomplish in the short time you have available.

A View for Every Family Member

From endless dune-swept deserts to beautiful beaches, lush jungles to snow-tipped mountains, Mexico has nearly every environment desirable within its borders, and all will be accessible to you. Boasting one of the largest metropolitan areas on the planet and some of the smallest, quaintest towns with architecture from a simpler, bygone era, there are so many places to choose from whatever your vacation desires may be. San Miguel Allende, Morelia, Guadalajara…the list is nearly inexhaustible, and that’s just taking into account cities that still function in the present era! Don’t forget about the numerous ancient Maya and Aztec cities like Tenochtitlan and Tikal, which are must-see destinations for anyone with a history bent, or curiosity about the origins of human civilization.

For sandy beaches and gorgeous tropical seashores, Baja California is a nearly insurmountable experience. The sand is as white as snow, the water as clear as crystal, and the secluded bays will make you feel miles from any care or worries that manage to sneak aboard the plane with you. The stunning cliffs and mouth-watering array of delectable dishes will tempt you to spend your entire trip lounging in luxury :not a half-bad idea, in fact, for anyone who works hard all week and just wants to take a break when finally getting the chance to get away for a bit!

Visit the World-Famous Riviera Maya

Of course, Mexico’s not all big cities and ancient history. The Riviera Maya, located on some of planet earth’s most beautiful real estate, has all the five-star resorts and luxury living you could possibly wish for. Watersports, snorkeling, games, adventure trekking, sunbathing – you can do it all here, in style and luxury that you may never have thought possible, let alone affordable. Every member of your family will come away feeling like a king or queen, prince or princess, with only one question on their minds: when do we get to come back?

A prime example of the amenities and luxury you’ll experience there is the Palace Resort, which offers various incentives in different seasons to make not stopping by there for at least a few days almost unthinkable. From golf vouchers to free car rentals to guided tours of ancient Maya cities, you’ll see, taste, and feel the best that Mexico has to offer, all while learning about the region’s amazing history by visiting archaeological treasures like Tulum, Coba, and Chichn Itz.

Mexico’s national airline, Aeromexico, will be your best bet to hop around the country during your stay, so that you can spend the most time relaxing and avoid long, tiring bus trips and long waits between destinations. Your transportation will be even further streamlined by the many promotions and limited-time offers available via their website; as they say, you’ll be enabled to “pay less and live longer” from the minute you set foot on the tarmac to the moment your passport is scanned on the way out. If there’s a vacation in your future, look no farther than Mexico for a journey that your whole family will enjoy thoroughly, remember fondly, and beg you to repeat next year!

Belize is a fabulous country that has lots to offer. For general Belize hiking trips and Belize scuba diving see

Avenues to Consider for Adventure Travel

People who fancy the thought of seeing the world in a unique way and not just through sight-seeing, should try adventure traveling. There are quite a few different ways to partake in adventure traveling. Some entail sporty activities, like scuba diving, mountain biking and skiing. Other people are just traveling around unusual regions of the world and some are checking out the indigenous animals. After reading this article, you might become instigated by the tips we have to talk about, especially if this kind of trip has already been a thought of yours.

Winter sports, from snowmobiling to skiing can provide you with all kinds of breathtaking adventures all around the world. Whether you’re new to skiing or an expert, there are lots of adventure trips that can challenge and teach you. There’s no dearth of skiing in the United States, with Utah and Colorado perhaps offering the best options in the continental U.S. The Alps are a favorite ski destination if you want to go to Europe, and if you want to visit Asia, Japan should be on your list. Skiing and other winter sports that are part of adventure travel usually involve more than just staying at a single destination, as you could do this on your own. Rather than being limited to the offerings of one resort, you can find tours that will take you to quite a few great locations. Skiing and snowboarding adventures can be a lot of fun for winter enthusiasts of all ages.

If you’re interested in a real challenge, consider a trek in the Himalayas, the world’s highest mountain range. Many treks are led from Nepal, and these are of varying levels of difficulty. Of course, if you’ve never done any trekking before, you may want to start with a less extreme mountain range than the Himalayas! Altitude sickness is very common, and something that can make you feel ill for days on end. At the same time, adventurous spirits will still be drawn to the Himalayas, as it represents one of nature’s ultimate challenges.

If you’ve ever watched the Iditarod Sled Race on TV, you may have wondered what it’s like to race sled dogs through the wilds of Alaska. If you’re not experienced at this activity, racing in the Iditarod is not recommended, but there are less demanding alternatives you could try. Alaska isn’t the only place you can learn how to race sled dogs or take a tour, as you can now find it in Jackson Hole, California and Minnesota, among other spots. Sled dog tours are not that common, but they are now given in many areas that receive lots of snow in the winter, and they can be a fascinating type of adventure travel to experience.

The possibilities for adventure travel are almost endless. It could be you wish to go to the place you have always dreamed of, or maybe somewhere you never thought you would go. Your perfect destination is awaiting you; whether it is mountain climbing the Alps or hanging out in the Caribbean. Hopefully we have given you food for thought with the ideas we have given you.

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Traveling To Patagonia In Style

With its thriving culture and impressive scenery, it does not come as a surprise to most individuals that Patagonia is regarded as a traveler’s paradise. The city’s glacier carved landscapes and Andean deserts make it a perfect vacation destination. This is why those who are looking for the ideal Argentina vacation package should consider a visit to this wonderful area of the world.

Patagonia is located at the southernmost tip of Latin America and stretches across both Argentina and Chile. The unique landscape one will find in this area of the world offers sights and sounds with which other vacation destinations cannot compete. These include the area’s world-renowned avian life, the endangered Puma wildcat, tropical forests in which unusual ecosystems thrive, and pre-Columbian archaeological sites that date back many centuries.

Individuals who are making plans to visit Patagonia typically wish to do so in style. There are several steps, however, that one must take to ensure a successful vacation when visiting the city. This is because the area is somewhat isolated by water and mountains, and parts of it are virtually uninhabited.

For instance, as previously mentioned, the city of Patagonia is shared by both Argentina and Chile. Therefore, it is important to discover the type of visa one needs to enter the country. The latter will depend on whether the traveler is entering Patagonia on Argentina’s or Chili’s side.

One must also devote some forethought to the task of crossing the region if he or she is traveling by land. This is because moving between Argentina and Chile often involves traveling over unpaved roads. Only three border crossings exist in the region, therefore one must ensure that he or she chooses the most appropriate entrance. Traveling to the wrong border crossing can result in needless delays and frustration.

Numerous resorts and hotels offer transportation from and to land border crossings.Those who wish to travel in style should consider booking their reservations at such establishments. Additionally, cellular phones will not work in this area of Argentina or Chile. Therefore, those who wish to keep in touch should consider renting a satellite phone before departing.

It is also important to understand that any forgotten essentials will likely be items that one will have to do without during his or her vacation. As previously mentioned, Patagonia’s geographical location is rather remote. Therefore, few places are available where forgotten items can be purchased.

Those who frequently travel to South American destinations will probably not have any issues with the successful planning of their vacation. However, those who have never been to South America or who are not experienced travelers may find it challenging to plan such a trip. Individuals in the latter category are wise to seek the services of travel agents who specialize in South American vacation packages. Such professionals are better able to organize such trips than those who have little experience with such matters.

Outstanding landscapes, waterfalls, and even penguins await individuals whose goal is to visit this enchanting area of the world. Making plans ahead of time when selecting an Argentina vacation package is the wisest course of action for those who wish to ensure their trip is a success. Regardless of the various sights and sounds one experiences when staying in Patagonia, he or she will have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Get tips on how to travel to Patagonia in style and a summary of the things to consider before choosing an Argentina vacation package, now.

Maldives Travel Tips

With the Maldives giving warm seas, high visibility beneath water and numerous species of fish together with other sea creatures, it’s no wonder why this getaway is among the top spots for honeymoon-goers to celebrate their love.


The Indian Ocean has a huge effect on the climate of the country by serving as a heat buffer, absorbing, saving, and steadily releasing the tropical heat. The temperature of Maldives varies between 24 and 33 degree celsius all year long. Although the humidity is fairly high, the ceaseless cool sea breezes keep the air moving as well as the heat low.

Things to do

Scuba diving in Maldives is essential. The warm seas of Maldives have high visibility throughout the year, with water clear enough to view the underwater life as much as 50m out there on occasion. The greatest thing is that you need not be a qualified diver to enjoy the Maldives. In a place that is more sea than land, there is countless fun things you can do in the water.

The ideal way to experience the life of an ordinary Maldivian would be to travel to an inhabited island. Maldives will be a ideal place to go for honeymooners since there are endless ways to allow the magic of the islands dazzle you on your getaway as a newly-wed couple. A dinner underneath the stars with the occasional flicker of candlelight to get you back into the real world, or maybe lounging around inside your private bungalow watching the infinite aqua blue waters while you are treated to a spa remedy within the room.

Travel Guide

No visa necessary for all nationalities travelling to Maldives.

The currency of the Maldives is Rufiyaah however majority of the places accept US dollars.

Carry extra cash because you will not find any bank or Atm at the resorts or smaller local islands.

Islam is the predominant religion in Maldives. It must be noted that nudity is against the law.

Be sure you cover up when going into restaurant and public locations like reception.

Tipping isn’t compulsory in Maldives as 10% service charge is added to everything.

Prepare a light-weight, loose cotton clothing, hat , and UV protection lotion.

Beware of strong currents and don’t go swimming too far out from an island’s fringing reef.

Don’t try surfing unless you know where you are and what you’re doing.

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Beautiful Redang Island – Pulau Redang

I’ve always desired to visit Redang Island or Pulau Redang (as known by many others) after catching the movie, Summer Holiday, during my teenage years. A few months back, I chanced upon an attractive offer from Redang Bay Resort, so I thought, why not?

Flying with Berjaya Air from Singapore

Redang bay resort is located on Redang Island, off the eastern coast of Terengganu (Peninsula Malaysia). It is pretty convenient if you are staying in Malaysia, Singapore or even Batam. For my peers residing in Kuala Lumpur, 6 hours drive away is all there is to the jetty at Merang or Kuala Terengganu.

70 minutes flight from Singapore

My first time flying with Berjaya Air. Prim and proper plane with little passengers. A mere 70 mins is all it takes by flight from Changi Budget Terminal, Singapore. I literally had my safety-belt on throughout the entire duration of the flight. I couldn’t recall when was the last time I had my seat-belt in place throughout a flight.

Arrival in Redang

When I arrived in Redang, it was simply heaven. Crystal clear glowing waters, powder like sandy beach front, lovely coral reefs and a crew of the resort b me that there are more than 20 diving and snorkeling areas can be found around Redang Island.

45 seconds away from the beach

The best part of the resort I chose is that the beach is steps away from the resort. I think maybe a 45 seconds walk? I was tempted to take on some of the facilities the resort offer including karaoke, canoeing trips, Kayak trips, Beach football (my favourite), and various card games. But nothing is more important than hanging out at the beach with a bottle of Tiger Beer.

Looking at some of the offers available at the resort which includes:

1. jungle trekking

2. snorkeling & scuba diving

I went with the snorkeling trip!

Tips when visiting Redang

Here are some tips if you plan to visit Redang anytime soon. :)

Price: RM 428 per person for twin room. Including boat transfer from Merang Jetty.

The special package;

3 Days 2 Nights could include the following: 8 meals (2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner, 2 tea break) all meals are buffet style with BBQ on alternate nights (I really enjoyed that)

There are some packages that comes with 3 snorkeling trips and operating at: 9.30am & 2.30pm everyday. 1 snorkeling site at Marine Park included. If you are not into sea sports, you have a choice to replace it with a jungle trekking trip.

Do note that, all packages excludes: life jacket rental – RM 15, marine park fee – RM 5 and mask snorkel set rental – RM 15

From Singapore, you can book a flight with Berjaya Air – it operates from Changi Budget Terminal to Redang Airport in just 70 mins. Flight depart at 11.50am arrive around 1 pm T Redang. Return flight from Redang is 10.00am. There are daily flight from Singapore which is a big plus for me!

SGD 150 for Berjaya Air return flight tickets comes with only 10kg luggage allowance. Is fine for me anyways.

In conclusion, I had a great weekend at Pulau Redang.

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Adventure Vacations Belize

Eventhough Belize is a small country which sits in Central America and surrounded by Guatemala, the Caribbean Sea as well as Mexico yet it is a place where the ancient Mayan Ruins are found. The country is significantly small, spanning only 8,867 square miles, approximately the size of Massachusetts.

Though small in size yet you can find a lot of astonishing sights in the area. The ancient destinations along with the natural wonders of Belize are compressed together tightly that anywhere you look, you will find excellent adventure.

Adventure, Culture and History Of Belize

Learning about the culture of Belize and embarking on an adventure are the two things you will surely enjoy. You can’t simply visit and see the places without getting drawn in to the history that shaped the present day Belize culture. You are going to be astonished to learn that it all dates back to 250 AD, back during the Mayan civilization.

Ancient Mayans

It was believed by archeologist that the indigenous Maya were the first people to have setlled in Belize. Even today, the abundant cultural treasures, artifacts, and ruins remain dispersed everywhere. In the peak of the great civilization of the Maya-the Classic Maya era (250-900 AD), to be exact-the people of Maya developed numerous surrounding settlements in Belize. Stone structures, pyramid-temples, burial mounds, as well as palaces that will have been the centre of governance of the smaller cities in Maya, were found by European explorers hundreds of years following the fall of Maya, in 1500 AD. It was declared that the affluence of the Aztecs in addition to the arrival of Spanish explorers during 1500 were said to be the reasons which brought the Mayan civilization to an end

Even now, the rich history and culture of the Maya continued to be and were inherited by the folks of Belize, which became the primary structure for current Belize culture.

Belize and Its Mayan Ruins


Situated amongst the borders of Guatemala and the Belizean half of the Peten tropical forest, Caracol is probably the most significant Mayan site all over Belize. Thousand-year-old structures of excellent palaces stand as evidence of the truly amazing kingdoms that when lived there. It was declared that Belize was previously the seat of power of among the significant kingdoms of Maya. There were political struggles which concerns that southern lowlands of Maya during the classic period of the Maya civilization which were resolved in Belize. It is also where a few of the ruling bodies assisted supervise the government of Maya.

The positioned armies of Caracol were a power to be believed in. Archaeological evidences indicate that the kingdom in Caracol was the one which ultimately subjugated Tikal, another predominant kingdom which once flourished in the land now referred to as Campeche, Mexico.


If Caracol was acknowledged for its power, Lumanai was noted for its achievements. Lumanai, a spanning settlement of Classic Maya situated along New River, in Orange Walk District, is just one of the longest-occupied settlements in Mesoamerica.


Seen in Chetumal Bay, north of Belize, Cerros is in all likelihood the primary Maya site developed in Belize, through the Late Pre-Classic Maya, dating 250 or 300 AD.

If you’re interested adventure travel in Belize you can find more info on Duende Adventure Travel here. See Belize Scuba Diving picture gallery.