Top Attractions Close To Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya

The Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya is situated on the Caribbean coast of Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula. The resort is located on the beach and is surrounded by the wonders of the Mexican jungle. The Riviera Maya is not only home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, it is also filled with many top attractions that make it the ideal holiday destination. These are a few excursions worth embarking on whilst staying in this area:

Playa del Carmen: Playa del Carmen is an old fishermens village lined with restaurants, shops and gorgeous beaches. It has a distinct European flavor and lively nightlife. Cenotes are cavernous freshwater sinkholes found all over the Yucatan peninsula and there are many in Playa del Carmen, so snorkeling in this area is extremely popular.

Xcaret: Xcaret is an archaeological park featuring an array of aquatic activities, cultural attractions, archaeological sites and live shows. Popular attractions include the Butterfly Pavilion, the Coral Reef Aquarium and the authentic Mexican cemetery built with 7 levels and 365 different tombs. In addition, the park offers its visitors a unique opportunity to swim with dolphins and sharks.

Xel-Ha: Xel-Ha is a natural aquarium park considered to the largest aquarium in the world. Visitors can snorkel, explore the jungle trails or enjoy one of the many parks adventure activities. Xel-Ha is surrounded by dense jungle and offers an exotic landscape that is hard to find elsewhere.

Xel-Ha: This natural aquarium park is considered the biggest aquarium in the world. This is the ideal attraction for anyone that loves nature. There are plenty of fun water and snorkeling activities as well jungle trails and incredible cenotes to explore.

Dolphin Discovery: Located in the center of Puerto Aventuras is Dolphin Discovery. This is where tourists flock to go swim with dolphins, sea lions and manatees in their natural habitat. There are many opportunities to swim with dolphins on the Yucatan Peninsula but Dolphin Discovery is one of the most popular. The center offers a number of different swim packages and free transfers from all Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya hotels.

Dolphin Discovery at Puerto Aventuras: Puerto Aventuras is a luxury marina filled with many gift stores, fine restaurants, dive shops and fun activities for the whole family. The Dolphin Discovery facility is located in the center of the complex and offers participants the opportunity to interact and swim with the dolphins.

Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya guests will appreciate the convenience of having a central location from which to tour the Yucatan Peninsula. There is an abundance of things to see and do in this area. Most attractions require at least a full-day to truly appreciate what the park has to offer. The Yucatan Peninsula is a popular tourist destination for a number of good reasons. Not only does it offer spectacular nature and vibrant culture, it also offers the highest quality service and facilities.

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Most Useful Travel Tips To Take On Your Travels

Whether you are travelling on business or for leisure, you experience similar frustrations every time you’re in an airport: very long queues in check-in and immigration counters, as well as seemingly endless waits by the baggage carousel to get your luggage. You then walk out into the open and wait a while for a cab. If you are growing tired of all this inefficiency, read up on how you could stay away from them.

Pack light! Not fitting your entire house into a suitcase is perhaps the most discussed, but the least followed, travel tip of all time. This rule applies to both personal and corporate travel management too! Bring just one carry-on bag, preferably one sturdy and roomy enough to hold both your personal effects along with your business documents. In this way, you save the need to check in baggage , wait for them by the carousel, and worse, losing them along the way! Remember: the less bags you pack, the less hassle you attract!

Rent a car instead of taking public transport. If you’re on business with a set and strict route, renting a car is the most convenient means of transportation. This saves you time and lets you accomplish more things during your trip rather than timing your arrival and departure with public transport schedules.

Maximise the Internet when communicating. Everybody knows that international roaming is very costly, so you have to maximise the Internet while you are abroad. Skype is good for calls and teleconferences, and every call is way cheaper than direct cellular calls. Apple’s FaceTime is also a good alternate. With stable and speedy Internet connections where you are, you will get immediate and multimedia communication without breaking the bank.

Check with your firm for other services from your Corporate Travel Agency so as to prevent double costs. Check all the reservations beforehand and double-check your departure arrangements as soon as you land in your destination. It is important to hire the best travel agency to process your corporate account to make your company travel as convenient and productive as you can.

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The Ideal Place to Go Birding in Belize

Belize is located between Guatemala and Mexico, covering the north and south frontiers respectively; it is a tiny Central American nation that is deemed a paradise for tourists and a birder’s paradise. Because Belize is a part of the Mesoamerican belt this means that it has the same characteristics with its neighboring countries when it comes to geography such as beautiful white sand beaches, rich flora and fauna and in terms of history being an ancestral heritage like the Maya. Hence for a traveler wishing to experience a little more than Belize’s lively city and many different enjoyable water activities, there is certainly a different way to experience the Mayan era such as bird watching.

The Maya held winged creatures in high regard; this is one fact is apparent even to casual observers ever since the commencement of the study of the ancient Mayan civilization. Central America has become a haven of exotic species of birds ever since time immemorial and pelicans, owls, eagles, vultures, quetzals and macaws to mention a few are some of the few varieties which are present today. With the hieroglyphic script which the Mayans had developed, each one of these birds was represented by a glyph and had a higher status with the tribe leaders.

During the zenith of the civilization of the Mayan, they have liberally made use of glyphs in order to depict birds through transcribing them on walls of temples and caves, vases, ceramics and murals. Tribe leaders used to sport splendidly and brightly colored intricate head-dresses created from feathers of these winged creatures while bird-like designs on apparel shown the absolute authority of the wearer. Even if Belize as amongst the ancient Maya’s settlements yet exploring the ceremonial sites and paying a visit to the excavation is one great way to understand the birds’ significance to the Mayans.

As expected, a required part of the travel kit while traveling to Belize would be a strong mosquito repellent and its use is not only confined to bird watching trips but also to areas that are swampy and wooded. Boots, binoculars and a guide pertaining to birds are other recommendations from experienced ornithologists. It is recommended that much portion of the skin must be covered and opting for long or full sleeved shirt and lightweight trousers is is of great importance. Though optional, the use of scarf to cover the lower portion of your neck and face leaving just your eyes visible might also turn out to become protective.

Dating back since the time of the Mayans, Macaw already existed and such bird is best seen in south Belize in a quaint Maya village named Red Bank. To find these bright scarlet birds in action, such as eating on the fruits of the native annatto tree, a visit must be planned within the months of January and March. In addition trekking through the rainforest covering the Maya Mountains could prove to be a fulfilling bird watching experience simply because these are home to owls, swallows, kites and also the colorful painted bunting.

Motmot of ‘toh’ as the Mayans call it is a multicolored bird having prominent black circumferences surrounding the eyes and wearing a turquoise crown and brown feathers. They might have co-existed with the Mayans given their deep attachment to caves and having been known as cave dwelling species. Lamanai is the area in Belize where these birds can be spotted amidst the Mayan ruins. When in the area, you may also look out for particular Central American variations of woodpeckers, kingfishers and jacanas. Since Belize has mini habitats and microclimates, it’s a haven to particular extraordinary species as well like cotinga and ocellated turkey which is recognized by the Mayans as ‘kutz’. Such bird species reside on treetops and can be spotted during bird watching only after careful scrutiny and are vibrantly colored having violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow and white plumage.

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Helpful Guide For Choosing Transportation System

Whether you are in business or not, Park City transportation is really a necessity anywhere you want to go. This is for the reason that several things you may need to do in order to finish different tasks that you are supposed to do. It will help you to become more productive and efficient in your workplace, especially for field works.

It is true that there really are different kinds of vehicle system that you may choose from, depending on what you really need. This will also vary on the different activities that you will be doing that will suit your life the best. So, you must know prior to it the services that you want them to give you.

If you have your own car, then it means that you can save a lot on the cost for this matter. However, this may not apply to all, as not all individuals already have their personal cars. This is the reason why there really is a need for you to be sure of your needs so that you can choose the most comfortable one.

It is really true that there are really hundreds of providers you may already find today. However, it is not easy to identify who among them is really the best one that you can hire. You should then choose the one that can offer you with the best quality services along with the reasonable cost that you can afford.

There are also different ways that one can find the provider that you are about to hire. Most often, consumers would choose to find them online, especially when they have no more time to visit different shops. However, it is advised that you must not believe immediately in the information you find there.

It is advised that you hire companies that are just based in the local market. This is because they are more knowledgeable when it comes to the needs of the people in the place. Also, they are more familiar when it comes to the different places that are most visited, especially for those who are in a vacation.

You have to ask about the prices that are being offered by those companies that you find. You must only choose those that provide the services that are decent enough for the price that they are asking for. Make sure that you do not just make a decision right away even before you are able to compare them.

Most often, hiring a car service from a company would be beneficial because it is much safer. This is due to the fact that the driver who is going to tour you around has been screened many times before they are allowed to work in the company. Their background has been checked thoroughly to make sure that they are safe.

These are just some of the many benefits that you can get when you are going to find a company for Park City transportation. This is the main reason why there really is a need for you to make the best choice among them. This will give you the best of the money that you spent for.

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Must Have Contents For Your Emergency Car Kit

A roadside emergency is possible at anytime. Whether you’ve got a new automobile or an old clunker, there’s the likelihood of the car having mechanical Problems or a weather-related problem that may make you get stranded.

Being prepared for this chance can cut back your stress, make you safer, and help you get on the road quicker. If your vehicle has mechanical issues or a flat tire, you want to let other drivers know that your auto’s stopped. This is particularly important if your Gold Coast car rental is disabled due to an accident and is stuck in the highway.

Your kit should include road flares, 2 triangular jeopardy lights, and a battery-powered alert light. If you39;re stuck and visibility is low, guarantee you utilize all of these to help other drivers avoid an accident. Before going on a long trip, make sure your spare tire is inflated correctly.

It is good to do that when ever you get an oil replacement also. In your kit, carry a tire gauge. Do not talk and drive, but do keep a mobile phone in your vehicle. If there’s an emergency, you must be nicely placed to call for help. If you don’t usually carry a mobile, get a inexpensive prepaid fone and keep enough minutes on the phone you need to use it in the event of emergency.

Always keep an auto mobile phone charger in your car. Jumper wires or a transportable battery booster is an important element of any emergency roadside kit. Jumper wires and compact battery boosters are easy to employ, and you can keep the directions in the auto in the event you forget which side is negative or positive when you’re stressed. In your trunk, you could have a jack and lug wrench that works on your car and tires.

If you are going to buy a new or secondhand vehicle, these items may not come with the auto and you would then need to buy them. Before taking a long trip, test the lug wrench to be sure you can loosen the lug nuts. Tire service centers typically utilise a tool to tighten lug nuts, and this can make it tough for you to loosen them.

A lug wrench is pointless if you cannot use it! One or two odds and sods that also belong in your roadside kit include: an emergency blanket, disposable camera with a flash, gloves, hand cleaner, rags or shop towels, flash-lamp with extra batteries, pad of paper and pen, and 20 dollars in small bills and change.

Additionally, keep a card with the telephone numbers of your roadside help club and your auto insurance provider. As well as ensuring that you have got a correct roadside emergency kit in your automobile, also take some time to get regular upkeep checks on your auto.

Ensuring your car is ready to drive is a very good way to stop roadside emergencies.

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Factors That Numerous Travelers Consider When They Choose Motels

When visitors remain in numerous motels, they typically find out that particular information are important to them. Factors such as how clean and safe a place is may identify its overall appeal. Additional things are additionally worth considering, such as cost, area and all of the facilities that are accessible. Those who go to Cody motels could want to set up which aspects are most vital to them, in order to select an appropriate spot.

Security is typically an issue, whether one is on a holiday trip or a business journey. In order to ensure that safety is a concern at a motel, an individual may search for Cody or Yellowstone motels that have actually well lighted parking tons and passageways. Spaces with peepholes and strong deadbolt locks on the doors can additionally be an and.

The tidiness of a spot is an additional aspect to be conscious of. Visitors may want to be specific that bed sheets and bath towels are changed on a routine basis and that the spaces are always cleaned after individuals check into of them. A quick inspection of the hallways, stairwells, elevators and lobby may reveal a whole lot about how clean a hotel is kept.

Price is typically a crucial detail for travelers to consider as well. Potential visitors might have the ability to contrast expenses on-line, so that they can easily locate the greatest readily available packages. Individuals who remain even more than a week or two can easily in some cases negotiate decreased rates.

The area of a hotel in Cody, Wyoming visitors could stay at is typically something to think about. A place that is close to regional attractions can easily prove to be vital, in regards to advantage. Furthermore, when visitors have quick access to supermarket, gas stations and banks, they can easily spend even more of their time appreciating themselves.

A guest might also have an optimal experience, if a hotel provides an assortment of beneficial services. An individual may even stay longer at a spot that has a hot tub or pool. Added appealing opportunities consist of coffee devices in each room, wheelchair accommodations, and obtainable ice devices. Individuals with certain needs, such as those taking a trip with animal companions or children, should undoubtedly make sure that they have actually located appropriate lodging facilities.

No matter where a person is taking a trip to, the journey is typically best when one discovers a splendid location to stay. When visitors feel safe and comfy, they are ready to set up return visits. Prior to choosing one of the Cody motels offered, individuals could want to ensure that the features offered are worth the rates. As many travelers have actually found out, choosing the right hotel can easily transform an otherwise mediocre vacation into a fantastic experience.

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Choosing Lady Escorts on Your Side for an Image of Success

The presence of gorgeous women may complete the activities of success. Whether for any productive venture or private party, the women are the ones who really make an event special. Hence, lady escorts are really getting popular with high-profile occasions. The need for these ladies is getting more evident with each passing day. Maybe it is time you have to participate too.

Are you venturing around the globe? In that case, your busy schedule will not permit you to find these ladies in the most discreet possible way. If you would like the simple method of picking these beautiful girls, you need expert help. Do not worry because you can find help easily. In fact, most of the top hotels offer such services to their customers. Wherever you’re in the world, you will surely have access to these types of services and also bring your private celebrations to a higher level.

The web can be also an excellent option to find these lady escorts. This is especially the best choice for those who are a little selective. You may even locate your perfect date if you just know how to locate them online. Having the correct web site, you’ll find information and images of girls, letting you select the one that captured your own interest.

With all these channels to locate these women in a discreet manner, it has to be regarded that the escorting culture can give you more than just making your own party extraordinary. With their presence, there are actually huge opportunities that might come along the way. Influential people are generally more pleased with the beauty of a beautiful lady than with your talk, no matter how charismatic you are. Having a lady escort at your side, you can have the opportunity to close that sale or get promoted quickly.

In the realm of business, creating a good impression is really essential. And among the important aspects you need to know is the fact that unmarried men or those without girlfriends are often less influential in comparison to their married counterparts. This is where you require the charm of a gorgeous lady! This is based upon scientific investigation and this can be attributed to the culture of humans since olden days. If you are still single, you don’t have to be concerned. With a decent escort, you could have this opportunity of swaying your client’s heart and create that good impression.

Women may have a great effect on your work. But where can you discover these top quality women? You can opt for expert services to supply you solutions. Alternatively, you could look for a reliable website to help you. Because of the internet, whether you are in Paris, London, or even Berlin, you certainly will find the lady to be on your side.

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Choosing Your Cabarete Accommodation

Since it was found by Jean Laporte in 1984, Cabarete has been the well recognised home of windsurfing and other venturesome water sports. Many world champions of surfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing have come out of Cabarete, thanks to the generous winds and the sufficient beaches and the amazing Cabarete accommodation.

If you choose your Cabarete accommodation scrupulously, you can take advantage of one or two advantages that will make your vacation more delightful. Not every hotel is offering these benefits, so select with care.

Remain Constant to Your Eco Roots

If you live your life in peace with the environment around you and try and keep your carbon footprint as low as possible , you’ll enjoy staying at an eco-conscious hotel that thinks the same way. Cabarete is famous for its forceful winds, so why would not the best Cabarete accommodation take advantage of those fresh winds? The many hotels have done just that , with a natural wind aircon system providing natural wind to cool down each room in the hotel. Not only does this cut out the necessity for air con, it permits guests to experience the freshness of beach wind as they relax and curl up to sleep. This is very relaxing and energising, and has gotten tons of praise from travelers. It is also a great way to save the environment.

Join the “I” Crowd

Everyone wants to be a part of the “in” crowd. You know, those are the people who appear to have life all figured out and who everybody else wants to hang around with. When booking your Cabarete accommodation, make sure you are at a hotel that everyone wants to hang around at. There are hotels that are common hangout points even for visitors not booking a room at that hotel. In many cases, these are the hotels that visitors try to book first, but when they cannot get rooms they just become regular faces chilling at the bar. These hotels present casual, fun atmospheres and can even chuck in a free drink when you book a room. The attire is casual, the angles are friendly, and the atmosphere is animated. This is the kind of hotel that you enjoy because there is not any option but to grin and have a great time. Not all hostels in Cabarete are like this. You’ve got to choose cleverly, or you will be one of the visitors staying close by, but spending all of your time with the “in” crowd.

Remain In Shape

Look for a hotel that has got a great gymnasium and training facility. This is essential if you are staying more than a couple nights, because you would like to keep in shape while you are away from home.

You will get masses of exercise running round the beaches and learning how to windsurf, but you might also want to order a session with a pro trainer or go in on your own to stay abreast of your exercise program. There actually is only 1 Cabarete hotel that is fantasically suited to those with fitness on the mind, and that is one that’s right on the beach. It has a yoga studio and is home to the only underground half pipe in the Caribbean.

It’s also home to the best health club in Cabarete and spinning classes are always offered. You can also get trained in mixed martial-arts if that has interest for you.

Each guest will find classes and clobber wanted to stay in shape and keep on track with fitness goals. That’s a perk you don’t often get when away from home.

Views Right on Kite Beach

Kite Beach is obviously the best place to be in Cabarete, and if you book your Cabarete accommodation right, you’ll be staying in a big room overlooking this beach. Not everyone who visits Cabarete has the luxury of living right on this beach, but those that can swing it end up in the center of the action. Beautiful ocean views are outside the hotel windows and the break of surf is right outside the front door.

Pools for Leisurely Pleasure

You will not always wish to trek it out to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, which is the reason why it’s vital to discover a hotel that offers 1 pool. Play your cards right and you’ll book with a hotel that offers an indoor and outside pool, excellent for a dip at any point of the day all year round.

It’s not tricky to find Cabarete accommodation with all these advantages. Don’t just book for price. Book for simplicity, fun, and the holiday of an entire life.

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Tips to Add Depth within your Interiors with Accent Color

If you need to gain the finishing touches showing on room but can’t figure out what the missing aesthetic piece is, it is accent color. Accent colors enable a space being whole with separate portions of color adding depth onto the composition of those interiors. The trial is: the way to move the right balance of color so you don’t overbear the rest of the room or underwhelm the rest of your home. Here are suggestions for adding depth to your interiors with accent colors to reflect your individual decorative style.

How to get started with choosing your accent color: If you decide you want to get cracking in choosing your accent colors, consider starting with an inspirational piece of furniture, artwork, accent rug, or perhaps even a throw pillow which you love! Whether you benefit from the crisp and clean sorts of a chair, you even adore the pop of jade green as part of your new couch, these are details to create upon in the remainder of your space. In the event you have the luxurious of designing your space right from the start, find colors that inspire you to desire to book so much space and linger longer. This will help to assist you select which colors be compatible with your style.

Subtle color may have a huge impact: For a number of homes, the introduction of an accent color can define your space, and most especially in open floor plan homes, will lead you the function and definition of your own room. Consider using subtle colors in spaces you wish to feel unified, and use stronger colors in spaces you wish well defined. A white front room space coupled with a room should use a bold accent wall inside the dining area to give you the perception via your space subtly, and arrive dramatically in the whole room – merely using color.

Neutral colors thrive on accent color: Remember accent colors don’t always have to generally be bright and attention-grabbing. As a matter of fact, neutral colors are a treat as they pair well with bright and dark colors. Bright colors can bring a whimsical vibe, while dark colors are certainly more traditional and elegant. When using dark colors as accents, consider using natural materials encompassng wood, metals, and stone to convey down the accents. You will be pleasantly surprised how a neutral color palette can add depth without being over the top.

If you can’t decide: Regarding the indecisive homeowner there is certainly still dream of your residence designing with accent colors – keep it simplistic. Since the decision to know what type colors you wish on your own own walls, floor and furniture may come very easy to some, for many clients it can be a challenge. Versus stressing, right at the beginning neutral walls, and introduce color slowly with a favorite vase packed with flowers, or go with a removable wall sticker that adds color. Lots of individuals change their accent colors according to the time, celebration, or guests that might be staying at their own home. Don’t be afraid, indecision may well be fun!

Bringing accent colors within your interiors can help define your mood, or it would likely catapult you into a different space and time. The allure of accents is they can appear in different forms. From your decorative Robin’s Egg blue display dishes on your own own open shelving onto the hot pink fluffy rug that adorns your playful media room, have fun with accents. Accent color will help you be indecisive or firm on color when not even trying!

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5 Quiet Islands Not to Miss!!

I was thinking about all the islands I’ve visited and trying to narrow it down to the best ones, but I just couldn’t so I’ll compile a few different lists to sum them up in categories. First of all these are my 5 top tranquil islands. Places you can get away to for relaxing, with very few other people about. These lists are only compiled from places I’ve actually been to by the way, hence the peculiarity of it (I would love to include Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland on this list, but I haven’t been there yet!). They are in no particular order…

1. Cuverville Island in ANTARCTICA:

Antarctica is quite simply the most peaceful and wonderful continent on the planet, so I have to include one from there on this list. I have chosen Cuverville Island. We did a hike in the thick snow up to the top on our Antarctica adventure and this place just blew my mind it was that breathtaking! Falling snow, penguins, collapsing glaciers as a backdrop and miles away from the office blocks of London, Paris and New York. This place is special. You might get to it if you take an Antarctica trip!

Where Is It? – Somewhere off the Gerlache Strait in Antarctica. When you book your Antarctica trip you can check the itinerary but ultimately whether you land there or not will depend on weather conditions and the captain and crews decisions. Don’t fret if you don’t land on Cuverville, you will go to a different island just as magical – there are lots of islands in Antarctica!

2. Bruny Island in Tasmania, AUSTRALIA:

This was a gem of a place to relax away from the world. If you think Tasmania itself is tranquil, try driving to the south east corner of it and head across to the remote Bruny Island. This has Australia’s southernmost pub on it as well as some cracking sunrise and sunset viewing points. Plus the added bonus of being able to see some rare WHITE wallabies. Bruny Island, in its disconnected splendour is as quiet and remote as they come. A full report on my trip to Bruny Island is here: Bruny Island.

How to get there – Get the ferry across from Kettering in South East Tasmania. Ferries are daily, but if you miss the last one, you’ll have to stay overnight (there are hotels and campsites on Bruny!).


Sark is inspirational. If you’ve heard of the Channel Islands, you’ll know it’s just north of France and a fair bit south of England. Sark was Europe’s last feudal state, and believe it or not it has its own parliament and a low population of around 600. It will feel you’ve been warped back in time on arrival in Sark. It is such a great place to relax away from the busy world. There are no cars on Sark. I visited Sark along with the rest of the Channel Islands while working on the Cross Channel Ferries.

Sark might well be a country, it might also be part of the UK. It has its own postage stamps and can you believe it once fielded a proper international football team (well they didn’t score any goals and conceded 70 in their only 4 international matches). You’ll arrive by boat and then a tractor arrives and you hop on and head up the hill to the main street. Highlights are the amazing view, the old fashioned main street, the odd capital of La Seigneurie and Little Sark – a small adjoining island where bikes are even banned! Hire a bike to get to the entrance though. You have to love Sark!

How to get to it – Get a boat called Bon Marin de Serk – it leaves from St. Peter Port in Guernsey. This is easily the cheapest, best and most popular way to get to Sark. There ain’t no airport here – though a helipad for emergencies and a landing strip. If you own a private boat, that is also an option.

4. Tai O, Lantau Island, HONG KONG:

I kind of wanted an Asian representative in this short list, and living in Hong Kong made me favour the wonderful Lantau Island in the west part of Hong Kong. If you can forget the fact that part of the island has a busy international airport on it, then get away to the very west corner at Tai O, where you can really relax. So much so that you will lose track of time, and even forget you’re in Hong Kong. There is no commercial element here. Plenty of hikes, even waterfalls, boat cruises and the highlight is the seafood and walking around the traditional fishing village on stilts. An amazing place!

How to get there – Tai O can be reached by bus from near the Tung Chung MTR station. Or you can get a bus from Mui Wo (which has a direct ferry to Hong Kong Central).

5. Cape Horn/Cabo De Hornos in CHILE:

I simply cannot leave Cape Horn off this list despite the fact I didn’t actually step on it. My budget wouldn’t stretch that far. Our ship however sailed right up close to it. Cape Horn, is basically the end of the world! It’s the southernmost liveable part of the planet on the south tip of Tierra del Fuego in Chile. In reality the islands further south are Diego Ramirez Islands, but nobody lives there. You can actually get onto Cape Horn, as travellers such as Michael Palin have done. I was just passing by to say hello. As remote and tranquil as they come. Except for the rock boat ride…

How to get to it – Basically it will come at a cost if you really want to stand on Cape Horn. You’ll have to contact the Chilean Naval authorities and maybe even receive a visitor permit. There is a 13 kilometre rule for boats passing by. We wereluckily on a quieter day and were allowed to get within a few kilometres of the Horn. Your Antarctica trip might actually take you past Cape Horn, like mine did. But you can also arrange some boat trip on the south tips of Chile and Argentina.

Happy travelling, don’t stop living!

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