Information On SeaTac Shuttle Companies

A customer needing to get to the airport in Seattle has plenty of options, including one of the SeaTac shuttle companies who operate here. There are quite a few companies who offer this sort of service and others who offer alternate transportation options. A client who is in need of a ride to the airport might want to think about using the services of one of the shuttles or might choose one of the other alternatives.

Shuttles are usually the least expensive way to get from and to the airport. They have big buses and some smaller ones that let them transport many passengers at one time. The large coaches have bathrooms and large seats with a middle aisle and the smaller ones offer a comfortable ride, but no bathroom facilities.

Shuttles typically pick-up and drop-off at specified places on a regular schedule. This allows their customers to make their own travel plans so they can be to their flight on time or so they can arrange a ride home from the drop-off point. Usually they are close to being on-time, but as with any mode of transportation, there can be delays such as heavy traffic or construction on the road which might interfere with travel time.

Most of the pick-up and drop-off points are centrally located in populated areas. They might be at a hotel or at a park and ride or some other location that has ample parking space. They are typically located along major routes such as the freeway or a busy highway.

There are a lot of advantages for those who choose to ride on shuttles. The price is probably the biggest reason that many people choose to go this way, as the cost of gas to drive or the price of hiring a taxi might be a lot more. But if a group of people are traveling, they might find that hiring a private car service is actually cheaper than the per person cost of a shuttle.

These people might decide to hire a limo or a sedan for their transportation needs. For one person the price may seem higher, but when it is divided between two or more travelers, the cost of a private sedan or limo might be less money. Each traveler should call to get prices so they can determine the best choice for their needs.

For example, a customer from Bellingham, WA, a city about 90 minutes north of the airport, might choose to take the shuttle from the local airport or a hotel down to catch their flight. If only a single passenger is going, they might feel that the per person cost would be less than gas to drive themselves. But if two or more people are traveling, they may find a cheaper way to travel such as hiring a limousine to transport their party.

There are plenty of options when it comes to airport transpiration and a SeaTac shuttle is one of them. These shuttles appeal to those traveling alone and they have convenient pick-up and drop-off locations where they meet on a fixed schedule. However, if there is more than one person traveling, the cost of renting a limousine or private town car might actually be less than that of going on one of the shuttles.

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