Can Americans Muster The Strength To Flyclear?

For a good number of people traveling through the air has become something that many Americans are doing ever year. It was estimated that close to 730 million Americans took at least one plane ride last year. It is not hard to see why airplanes give a measure of comfort to people, as opposed to just simply driving to reach a destination. However, for a substantial amount of people trying to flyclear has become a pain for them.

There have been several scenarios we have seen at the airport about concerns of security. In the news some time ago we have seen Newark International Airport get shut down for over three hours due to a woman setting off a security alarm while being tested for “suspicious material” which turned out to be practically nothing serious. We have also had matters where Logan International Airport in Boston has been criticized for screening methods, designed to profile suspiciouspassengers of African-American, Hispanic and Middle Eastern origin.

This puts us in a rough situation we want to be comfortable enough to fly without worry but at the same time that is not possible. Airport security has put us in a pickle where these issues make some of us worried about getting on another flight. Between these problems along with the increasing threats regarding passenger safety, it is hard to see how this matter can be improved.

We need to find some sound suggestions to counteract the perils at the airport along with curing the numerous hassles with security. A few solutions have sprung over the last few years, one such program known as CLEAR offers any individual for an annual fee to distribute their biometrical data to bypass them to the front of security, provided they are at an airport which uses the application. Programs like CLEAR are only being offered at select airports but there has been widening interest in adding the service to more airports over time.

I anticipate that we can begin to see more services being supplied to help passengers and the airline industry. These methods will not only help passengers but also security because it can hopefully provide them to focus more on the struggles that have to be addressed at the airport in a effective manner. I can only hope that more programs become provided that will help the well-meaning traveler making him feel he belongs on an airplane rightly and not as a second-class citizen.

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